Adriana has been a freelance gardener all her life. She grew up in Colombia, where she discovered an interest in gardening at a young age. After graduating and obtaining her bachelor degree in Plant and Animal Microbiology, she went to Australia to improve her childhood fascination by doing a certificate in Horticulture in Brisbane. 

Arcoiris Design Gardening, was born in 2006. Since then Adriana and her husband Juan have grown Arcoiris Design Gardening into a successful Eco-friendly gardening company with over 300 annual flower bed designs/installation and many unique garden builds.  Every garden of their beautiful designs is meticulously and artistic hand made using a wide variety of fabulous plants, colors and earth materials. 

Adriana will usually be the first person you meet from the Arcoiris Design Gardening team. Unlike many other garden designers, she has a hands-on, dynamic style allowing the client to become very much a part of the design process. On paper she will work your garden into a magical place before handing it over to the rest of the team to implement the design. 

Arcoiris Design Gardening has been recognized by multiple awards and green stars by Urban AG Council for their exceptional organic flower beds and amazing gardens. As well as their work has featured in various national magazines and lifestyle publications over the years. 

Most importantly, they reduce their environmental foot print by buying from local nurseries and farmers, recycling all plastic containers, have chemical free gardens, use just organic pest control, organic fertilizers and organic soil amendments, encourage clients to install compost bins, teach clients how to grow their veggie-herb garden, reusing paper and using only post-consumer recycled paper. Arcoiris Design Gardening recycles more than 98 percent of their waste.

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