8 tips to have color in your garden through the winter

8 tips to have color in your garden through the winter:

1. Use pansies, violas, dusty miller, mustard, dianthus, chard, snapdragons and parsley to make your own combinations.
2.Pansies love full fun, so make sure to plant them in a sunny location.
3. Violas love sun and they will bloom in filtered shade too.
4. Violas and pansies like acidic soil. Use an organic acid loving plant fertilizer when planting and mix it well with the soil.
5. Winter annuals don’t need much water, so water them just when they are dry.
6. Violas and pansies must be deadheaded regularly.
7. Slugs and snails feed on pansies, apply an organic control and follow the manufacturer instructions.
8. When temperatures are high, aphids feed on winter annuals. Use organic vegetable oils to control them.



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