Callaway Gardens is 13,000 acres of colorful Georgia countryside in the Appalachian Mountains (Pine Mountain, GA). It was founded in 1952 by Cason J. and Virginia Hand Callaway to promote and protect native azalea species. Nowadays, the Gardens are home of the world’s largest azalea display, one of North America’s biggest butterfly conservatories, and a magnificent vegetable garden.

We visited the Garden during this winter and it was spectacular; it has several trails both for walking and biking and many attractions such golf courses, Callaway Brothers Azalea Bowl, Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel, Mr. Cason’s Vegetable Garden, Overlook Azalea Garden, John A. Sibley Horticultural Center and my favorite the Butterfly conservatory.

If you like to visit natural parks and enjoy time outdoors, Callaway Gardens is offering free admission to the gardens now through the end of February. Awesome idea for a weekend family expedition, for take incredible winter pictures or to exercise outdoors!

Enjoy our pictures:

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