September 27, 2023

Colorful Canvas Birdhouses by Birdiology



Colorful birdhouses for all indoor and outdoor spaces. Birdiology Collection from Arcoiris Design is your resource for unique, one of a kind birdhouses.  All combinations of fabric and all, one of a kind Birdiology birds are created by Adriana with love and care. She selects perfect fabric colors for any living space. If you are looking for a specific combination of colors she can make it happen for you.

  • Wood Material
  • Outside Fabric with different patterns
  • Organic Fabric available upon request
  • Upon request we can apply sealer for outdoor use
  • Dimentions: 9”H, 4”W
  • One Opening Style #001
  •  Two openings style #002
  • Each birdhouse comes with 2 birdies.
  • Just select the Color Palette, blue, pink, grey, green, brown, red or any other
  • Select the pattern, flowers, strips, dots or any other.
  • Because of the unique nature of her designs, no two patterns are alike.
  • If more than 1 is needed with same pattern please call for details.
  • Please call to place order.
  • Birdiology birdhouses are not a toy – not for children.
  • Price: $45 + Shipping

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