September 27, 2023

Colors of My Garden -FEBRUARY

These are the pictures taken in my garden during February. Enjoy!



Azalea Anthers and Stigma


Azalea Anthers and Stigma


Blue jacket Hyacinth


Broccoli Flower


Crocus blue Bird


Crocus blue Bird Petals


Crocus blue Bird Stigma and anthers


Hyacinths and ant


Ice Follies Daffodil Anthers and Stigma


Lilac Wonder Tulip


Pink Pansy


Plum Bud-Flower


Puple Pansy


Red Devon Daffodil



Red Devon Daffodil Anthers and Stigma


Red Devon Daffodil Stigma

Fragrant, Bell-shaped Pink Flower

White Hyacinth

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