December 2, 2023

Colors of my Garden – MARCH

Ajuga reptans bloom

Bee at holly


Purple Oxalis Flower

Tree bloom

Blueberry Flower

Caroline jasmine


Cherry tree bloom


Pink Charm Daffodil


Pink Dianthus

Dogwood flower -Peach color


White Dogwood

Flag grass bloom

Green Japanese maple bloom

Holly tree flower

Honey bee at holly


Insect full of pollen


Japanese maple bloom

Ladybug at holly tree leaf

Loropetalum Purple diamond flower opening


Loropetalum Purple Diamond Flower

Mazus blue

Autumn fern new leaf

Orange Tulip

Peach Bud

Peach Flower


Peach Fruit

Pink Azalea

Pink cluster Azalea

Pink Impression Tulip

Plum tree flower

Red Climbing rose bud

Red climbing Rose 

Snow white Azalea

Strawberry Flower

Thyme Flower

Clus. Tubergen’s Tulip


Clusiana Lady Jane Tulip


Angelique Tulip

Viburnum bloom


Vinca minor variegata bloom

Weeping cherry flower

White bloom

White Tulip

White Star of Bethlehem Flower

White Star of Bethlehem Flower

Blue Spanish bells

Pink Bells

Wren Bird Eggs

Yellow Tulip

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