September 27, 2023

Good BUGS, how to incorporate them in your garden?

 Don’t kill the BUGS! Please do not use pesticides!! More than 95% of insects aren’t pests. Some pollinate our flowers and vegetables, while many others feed on pests in our gardens.

How to incorporate Beneficial Insects and prevent Pests in your garden?

 Use disease and insect resistant plants
 Incorporate plants that repel insects such Garlic, Anise, Basil among others.
 Properly incorporate Companion Planting. You can help your plants by putting them with neighbors they grow well with. Remember: there are also plants that don’t do well together.
 Attract BENEFICIAL insects in your yard by planting blooming plants, providing water and shelter.
 Monitor your plants regularly to catch problems early.
 Encourage birds, lizards and frogs – they can be very helpful in controlling insects.
 Properly identify problem pests before treating and choose treatment according to the pest – Always try organic or home-made pesticide FIRST.
 Introduce Populations of Natural Enemies such Lady Bugs. We can help you to proper incorporate them in your garden.
 Be tolerant with a few pests; remember that they provide food for beneficial insects.
 Allow plenty of time for beneficial insect populations to build up.
 AVOID the use of pesticides.

Good Bugs:

Assassin Bug
Lady Beetle
Damsel Bug
Damsel Fly
Ground Beetle
Predatory Flies
Predatory Wasps – Red Wasp
Praying Mantis
Syrphid Flies
Honey Bees
Giant Wheel Bug

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