December 2, 2023

Midtown Wildlife Paradise

When we first bought our 1000sq ft home at Loring Heights in Midtown, we never thought we were going to be surrounding by the most amazing variety of birds, insects, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks and possums. As Nature lovers, my husband and I have planted many shrubs including native for the area, many blooming plants and shelter edgings.  When we planted trees, shrubs, and flowers around our home, we also built homes for a whole community of animals. Over the years we have provided  animals with food by planting a mix of plants that produce seed or fruit at different times of the year and by using  feeders, water in birdbaths and fountains, shelter and installing bird houses for them to nest.

Furthermore, we do not use ANY chemicals in our garden, we use organic fertilizers and none insecticides at all.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures from our backyard wildlife paradise and keep in mind that your backyard can become a better home for the wildlife already living there and a home for new wild neighbors.  

American Goldfinch


American Robin


Black-throated Green Warbler


Blue jay


Brown headed cowbird


Brown Thrasher


Carolina Chickadee


Carolina wren


Carolina wren baby birds


Carpenter Bee


Cedar Waxwing





Common Eastern Bumble Bee



 Downy Woodpecker



Eastern Towhee 


Flicker Woodpecker


Hooded Warbler male


House Finch



House Finch female


House Wren


Mourning Dove


Northern Cardinal


Northern Cardinal female


Northern Mockingbird


Orange-crowned Warbler






Red – Bellied woodpecker


Red shouldered Hawk


Red-headed Woodpecker


Red-headed Woodpecker juvenile


Redstart warbler female


Redstart warbler male


Ruby-throated Hummingbird Female


Scarlet Tanager




Summer Tanager female


Tufted Titmouse




White Breasted Nuthatch


White-throated Sparrow


Wild Rabbit




Yellow- rumped warbler male


Yellow- rumped warbler female


Yellow-throated Vireo


One thought on “Midtown Wildlife Paradise

  1. Sometimes our life is too fast, sometimes we don’t appreciate our surroundings, we share our space with so many beautiful creatures that we don’t pay attention to them, congratulations Adriana for this wonderful collection of pictures, they are all beautiful.

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