December 2, 2023

Singapore – Changi Airport

The most incredible experience… Changi Airport – Singapore…!!! From the first step to the last…You will be delight by orchids of all kind, gardens all over the place…It is just really incredible! Changi Airport has 8 gardens for you to enjoy. We visit 5…Next visit will do 3 more…

Butterfly Garden

It is the word’s first Butterfly Garden in an airport. It has been designed as a tropical butterfly habitat with incorporation of flowering plants as lantanas, pentas…and many more. You can witness the breeding and transformation of butterflies from pupae to adult.




Orchid Garden

This garden offers more than 15 species of orchids displayed on different natural structures, including a huge number of them in the Koi Pond.  Just beautiful!!!



Cactus Garden

Voted Singapore’s best rooftop garden in 2001 Singapore Garden City Award, the Cactus Garden showcases more than 40 species of cacti and succulents found mostly in the American and African regions.

Fern Garden

Boasting a vast range of ferns such as the rabbit’s foot, Stag’s Horn Ferns, Boston, Bird’s nest and many more. My favorites…the giant Tasmania Tree Fens!!

Sunflower Garden

It is a gorgeous sunflower garden during the day and during the night a light-themed garden. This garden just reopen last year with new design features and walkways. It is a really unique experience!!

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