September 27, 2023

We Have Been Granted With The Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary!!

Every year shocking statistics about wildlife show us how as many as 20% of the world’s 7-15 million species could be gone in the next 30 years. 1 Education about Wildlife crisis focusing in its causes and possible solutions is critical to changing social consciousness today. The Atlanta Aububon Society is an organization dedicated to birds and their mission is to protect Georgia’s birds and the habitats that sustain them through education, conservation and advocacy. They organize monthly meetings, weekly bird walks during migration trips to local birding hotspots, and many other special events.

 A few weeks ago we became members as local property owners and apply for a Wildlife Sanctuary Certification. Today we are very glad to share that our backyard is worthy of recognition by Atlanta Audubon Society and we have been granted with the Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary. The following link will take you to the pictures that we took of all birds that visit our backyard.


 We would like to encourage everyone to participate in this program and help us to conserving and protecting our environment! You can make a difference; you can certainly provide  a backyard habitat for wildlife – “it’s as simple as assuring these essential elements:


Shelter – active nesting areas or shelters that attract and protect birds and other wildlife.

Food – feeders and plantings that offer seeds, flowers, and berries to wildlife.

Water – birdbaths, water gardens, or natural features with flowing water.

Nesting Sites – bird boxes, natural cavities, or wood piles and vine tangles” 2

If you would like to have more birds and wildlife visiting your backyard, we will very pleased to design an Eco- friendly garden for you that will give shelter, food and nesting sites for many birds.

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