September 27, 2023

Which Plants Can I Bring Inside During Winter?

                Being a plant lover and full time gardener is hard when you need to actually remove healthy plants from flower beds to start the planting season for winter. Sharing my passion for plants hereby I can guide you with some plants that you can actually bring indoors and then plant them again outdoors in spring for warm days to come. As you can imagine not all plants will survive indoors, so don’t try to prolong the life of true annuals such Lantanas, Marigolds, Salvia, Ipomoea, Petunia, Torenia, Verbena or Angelonias because these won’t make it.  

                 In many articles I have found plants well known for their ability to make the transition indoors. Some great examples are Coleus, Geraniums and Begonias, which will even bloom. Coleus will be great for a glass vase; cuttings will root and can be kept growing indoors during all winter.

                Tropical plants like Hibiscus can be place indoors too, just check for white flies and make sure to control them before bringing them indoors.

                All of these plants will need plenty of sunlight, so before you place them inside, think about your living space, not just for your own comfort but for the plants ‘ health. Please keep in mind that these plants will need a good amount of sunlight, air circulation and drainage. And before placing your selection indoors make sure you do not bring any pest such snails, slugs, aphids or whiteflies with them!

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