September 27, 2023

You still have time to sow Soy Beans! Learn how!


This Oriental vegetable is known for containing a higher proportion of protein than any other vegetable. There are over a thousand varieties of soy bean producing brown, black, green or yellow pea-like  beans or seeds.

For sowing choose a sunny patch of soil, preferably sandy and well drained. Just make sure that every perennial weed has been removed. If you have limited space, you may sow the seeds in a pot and place it in a sunny area outdoors.

The best time to sowing is in spring (but in Georgia you still can do it now). Sow seeds 1 ½” deep at 10” intervals in rows of 20” apart. Water soil deeply every day. The first shoots emerge in 5 to 10 days. Mulch with peat or nuggets after sowing. Provide extra water during an unusually dry season.  Our experience showed us that plants need staking.

A spring – sown crop should be ready for harvesting by the end of the summer. The pods turn from green to dark yellow and should appear swollen with the ripening beans.  The best way to harvest is to pull up the whole plant, taking off all the pods at one time.


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