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How to Lift and Store Dahlias for Winter: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Gregory
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How to Lift and Store Dahlias for Winter


Dahlias are beautiful flowers that bloom all summer and fall. They grow from tubers, which are like brown, carrot-shaped roots. After flowering, the nutrients from the plant go back into the tubers, which stay in the ground over winter and start growing again in spring.

Why Lift and Store Dahlias?

Dahlias are not cold-hardy, so they can’t survive cold winters outside. If you live in a cold climate, you need to lift and store your dahlia tubers over winter to protect them from frost.

How to Lift and Store Dahlias


  • Secateurs (pruning shears)
  • Garden fork
  • Dry compost
  • Storage box or container


  1. Dig up the tubers. Once the dahlia foliage has died down, dig around the clump and lift the tubers with a fork. Be careful not to damage the tubers. Shake off as much soil as you can.

  2. Rinse the tubers. Use a hose or bucket of water to rinse the soil off the tubers. Then, stand the tubers upside down to dry.

  3. Pack the tubers. Once dry, pack your dahlia tubers in a box or pot with dry compost. You can also store dahlia tubers in vermiculite, or wrap them in dry newspaper.


Store your dahlia tubers in a frost-free place, such as under the greenhouse staging, in a dry shed or garage.


  • If your dahlias are in a warm, sheltered spot, you may be able to leave them in the ground over winter. Add a thick layer of mulch for extra insulation.
  • Check your tubers regularly over winter. If you see any signs of rot, remove the affected tubers immediately.

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