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Ageratum: How to Grow and Care for This Beautiful Flowering Plant

by Gregory
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How to Grow and Care for Ageratum


Ageratum is a beautiful flowering plant that is easy to grow and care for. It is a popular choice for gardeners of all levels, and it can add a splash of color to any garden.

Types of Ageratum

There are many different varieties of ageratum, each with its own unique characteristics. Some of the most popular varieties include:

  • Ageratum houstonianum ‘Blue Mink’: This variety has soft blue flowers and is perfect for adding color to borders or containers.
  • Ageratum houstonianum ‘Blue Danube’: This variety has lavender-blue blooms and is a great choice for edging or containers.
  • Ageratum houstonianum ‘Blue Horizon’: This variety has purple-blue blooms on long stems and is great for cutting.
  • Ageratum houstonianum Dwarf Ball Mixed: This variety is perfect for containers or edging and produces a mix of blue, pink, lilac, and white flowers.
  • Ageratum houstonianum ‘Timeless Mix’ This variety produces a mix of white, blue, pink, and purple flowers and is great for attracting pollinators.

How to Grow Ageratum

Ageratum is a versatile plant that can be grown in a variety of conditions. It prefers full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil. Ageratum can be grown from seed or cuttings.

How to Care for Ageratum

Ageratum is a low-maintenance plant that is easy to care for. It needs to be watered regularly, especially during hot, dry weather. Ageratum also benefits from being fertilized monthly with a balanced fertilizer.

Pests and Diseases

Ageratum is generally resistant to pests and diseases. However, it can be susceptible to powdery mildew if it is planted too close together or in a shady spot. To prevent powdery mildew, water plants at the base and ensure there is good air circulation.


Ageratum is a beautiful and easy-to-grow plant that is perfect for adding color to any garden. With its variety of colors and sizes, there is sure to be an ageratum variety that is perfect for your needs.

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