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How to Propagate Strawberries from Runners: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Gregory
2 minutes read

How to Grow New Strawberry Plants from Runners


Do you want to grow more strawberries without buying new plants? It’s easy to do using strawberry runners! Strawberry runners are long stems that grow from the main strawberry plant. You can use these runners to create new strawberry plants for free.

Step 1: Choose and Prepare the Runner

  • Choose a healthy runner with at least one leaf.
  • Remove any stems growing from the new leaf.
  • Keep the runner attached to the main plant.

Step 2: Plant the Runner

  • Fill a pot with potting mix.
  • Place the runner on the surface of the potting mix.
  • Hold it in place with a u-shaped staple or wire.

Step 3: Care for the Runner

  • Keep the potting mix moist.
  • Don’t cut the stem connecting the runner to the main plant until the new plant has developed roots.

Step 4: Transplant the New Plant

  • Once the new plant has strong roots, cut the stem connecting it to the main plant.
  • Transplant the new plant into a larger pot or into the ground.

Tips for Success

  • Use a soil mix of three parts compost to one part sand to help the roots grow faster.
  • Keep the new plants protected from slugs and snails.


Propagating strawberries from runners is a simple and rewarding process. By following these steps, you can easily grow new strawberry plants for free and enjoy a bountiful harvest in the years to come.

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