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Propagate Your Plants in September: A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Cuttings

by Gregory
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Propagating Plants in September


September is the perfect time to take cuttings of many plants to keep them going for next year. This is especially important for plants that don’t do well in cold weather.

Best Plants for September Cuttings

Here are 10 popular plants that you can easily propagate in September:

  • Fuchsia: Take cuttings from both hardy and half-hardy varieties and pinch out the tips to encourage bushier growth.
  • Hebe: Propagate variegated forms and varieties with bottlebrush-like flowers to protect them from harsh weather.
  • Lavender: Take cuttings of compact varieties and French lavender to keep them from dying in the cold.
  • Penstemon: Cuttings are a good way to protect these plants from severe weather and keep them thriving.
  • Geranium: All types of geraniums root easily in autumn, making it a great time to propagate them.
  • Felicia: Also known as the kingfisher daisy, this charming plant can be preserved through cuttings.
  • Salvia: Cuttings are a good way to keep your salvia plants going from year to year, especially for varieties that are hard to find.
  • Lemon verbena: This tender plant needs to be overwintered indoors, but you can take cuttings to keep it going.
  • Verbena: Both trailing and upright types of verbena do better as rooted cuttings indoors during winter.
  • Helichrysum: Take short cuttings in September and pinch out growing tips to promote bushier plants.

Benefits of Taking Cuttings

Taking cuttings in September has several benefits:

  • Ensures that you can enjoy your favorite plants next year, even if they don’t survive the winter.
  • Increases your stock of plants for free.
  • Protects tender plants from cold weather.
  • Preserves hard-to-find varieties.

Tips for Taking Cuttings

  • Use semi-ripe cuttings from this year’s growth.
  • Cuttings should be woody at the base and soft at the tip.
  • Pinch out growing tips once rooted to encourage bushier growth.
  • Keep cuttings warm and moist until they root.

By following these tips, you can successfully propagate your plants in September and enjoy them for years to come.

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