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Alan Titchmarsh’s Springtime Gardening Routine: Tips, Techniques, and Inspiration

by Gregory
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Alan Titchmarsh’s Springtime Gardening Routine


Alan Titchmarsh, a famous gardener, starts his day early. He enjoys the peace and quiet of the morning, reading the newspaper and having a cup of tea. Around 8:30am, he feeds the birds and heads to his writing barn.

Writing Time:

Alan writes in the morning, despite being a gardener. He enjoys the solitude of his barn, surrounded by his extensive library. He writes for several hours, producing around 2-3,000 words before taking a break.


After lunch, Alan’s favorite time is spent in the garden. He takes walks, admires the blooming flowers like tulips and camassias, and observes the wildlife in his pond.

Broadcasting and Filming:

Some days, Alan travels to film his gardening show, “Love Your Weekend.” He also films segments for his gardening club in his own backyard.


Alan winds down his day with a cup of tea and a relaxing shower. He enjoys spending time with his family and grandchildren, and often has pizza on Friday evenings.

Gardening Techniques:

Alan shared some of his gardening tips:

  • Feed borders with blood, fish, and bonemeal.
  • Prune climbing roses.
  • Sow seeds in the greenhouse in spring.
  • Use larger pots for pelargoniums to prevent drying out.

Appreciation of Nature:

Alan finds joy and inspiration in his garden, especially in the springtime. He loves the vibrant colors of the flowers, the songs of the birds, and the beauty of the British countryside.

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