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April Seed Sowing Guide: What to Plant and How to Succeed

by Gregory
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April Seed Sowing Guide


April is a great time to start growing flowers from seed. Some popular choices include:

  • Perennials: Gaura, aquilegia, and echinacea
  • Hardy annuals: Sunflowers and pot marigold
  • Half-hardy annuals: Cosmos, zinnia, and tithonia

Tithonia, also known as Mexican sunflower, is a vibrant annual that attracts pollinators with its dahlia-like flowers. Nicotiana, or tobacco plant, is another popular choice for its fragrant blooms that add a touch of elegance to summer evenings.


April is also a good time to start growing vegetables from seed. Some easy-to-grow options include:

  • Squash: Choose from summer squash like ‘Custard White’ or winter squash like ‘Crown Prince’.
  • Radishes: These speedy croppers are ready to harvest in as little as four weeks.
  • Dwarf French beans: These compact varieties don’t need support and can even be grown in containers.
  • Beetroot: A nutritious root vegetable that is easy to grow from seed.
  • Carrot: Another root vegetable that is perfect for beginner gardeners.

Tips for April Seed Sowing

To ensure successful seed sowing in April, follow these tips:

  • Wait until the soil has warmed: Hold off on sowing seeds outdoors until the soil has warmed sufficiently for weeds to start to appear.
  • Use raised beds or cloches: These can help to protect seedlings from cold temperatures and frosts.
  • Sow some seeds indoors and some outdoors: This provides a backup in case of adverse weather conditions.
  • Protect seedlings from pests: Raising seedlings under cover can help to protect them from slugs and snails.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of flowers and vegetables from your April seed sowing.

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