Home Gardening Best Plants for Your Front Door: Enhance Curb Appeal and Create a Welcoming Entrance

Best Plants for Your Front Door: Enhance Curb Appeal and Create a Welcoming Entrance

by Gregory
2 minutes read

Best Plants for Your Front Door

Creating Curb Appeal

The entrance to your home is the first impression for visitors. Why not enhance it with plants to make it more welcoming and attractive? There are many options to choose from, whether you have a sunny or shady front door, or limited space.

Plants for Different Styles

Match your plant choices to the style of your home and garden. For a cozy cottage look, mix flowers in various colors and heights. For a more formal look, opt for architectural plants, topiary, and a limited color palette.

Containers for Versatility

Containers are a great option for seasonal displays. You can change them up throughout the year for a quick burst of color. Plus, they’re perfect for small spaces or shady areas.

Plants for Sun and Shade

  • Sunny front door: Consider wisteria, geraniums, yew, cosmos, phormium, lollipop bay, roses, tulips, lavender
  • Shady front door: Ferns, heucheras, hostas

Year-Round Interest

Choose plants with evergreen foliage or that bloom in different seasons to provide year-round beauty. Ferns, yew, and lavender are all good choices for winter interest.

Tips for Choosing and Planting

  • Consider the sunlight and soil conditions outside your front door.
  • Choose plants that match your style and space.
  • Replant containers with fresh flowers as needed.
  • Plant bulbs in the fall for a spring display.

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