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Bin Storage Ideas to Keep Your Yard Tidy and Organized

by Donna
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Bin Storage Ideas to Keep Your Yard Tidy

What is a Bin Store?

A bin store is a container that holds your wheelie bins, keeping them neat and tidy in your yard. They come in different sizes and materials, and some even have features like locking systems and shelves for recycling bins.

Benefits of Using a Bin Store

  • Aesthetically pleasing: Bin stores can improve the look of your yard by hiding away unsightly bins.
  • Functional: They protect your bins from animals, theft, and bad weather.
  • Convenient: Most bin stores have lids and doors for easy access to your bins.

Types of Bin Stores

Bin stores are typically made from FSC timber, stainless steel, or plastic. Timber and stainless steel are more durable, but plastic is more affordable.

Features to Consider

  • Size: Choose a bin store that can accommodate the number and size of bins you have.
  • Materials: Timber and stainless steel are durable, while plastic is more affordable.
  • Features: Some bin stores have locking systems, shelves for recycling bins, and ventilation holes.

Top Bin Store Recommendations

  • Rowlinson Natural Timber Double Bin Store: Pressure treated against rot, with chains to attach bin lids for easy access.
  • Garden Village 2 Wheelie Bin and 2 Recycle Box Combo Store: Space for landfill and recycling bins, plus shelves for food waste bins.
  • Selections Willow Wheelie Bin Screen: Handmade from woven willow, large enough to hide two wheelie bins.
  • Shire Triple Wheelie Bin Store: Made from pine, with an opening door and hinged top lid.
  • Mercia Premium Pressure Treated Bin Store: Made from pressure-treated timber, with interlocking tongue and groove boards for weatherproofing.


Bin stores are a great way to keep your yard neat and tidy, while also protecting your bins from the elements and animals. With so many different options available, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs and budget.

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