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Gardening Q&A: Get Expert Answers to Your Toughest Questions

by Gregory
2 minutes read

Gardening Q&A with the Experts

Monthly Q&A – October 2022

Got a gardening question? Our experts are here to help! Each month, they answer a selection of your questions.

October Questions

  • How can I get my peat-free compost to hold water better?
  • My raspberry bushes got mixed up when I planted them. Can I prune them without knowing if they’re summer- or fall-fruiting?
  • Should I remove the large figs on my tree that are the right size but not ripening?
  • How can I get rid of fuchsia gall mite?
  • I bought some 9cm potted perennials on sale in the fall. Should I keep them in pots until spring or plant them in the garden now?

Expert Answers

Watch the video to see our experts answer these October questions and more.

Previous Month’s Questions

  • September: How to reuse old compost, use pot feet or saucers, care for a lawn after summer and crow pecking, revive dead wisteria shoots, and treat brown rot on plum trees.
  • August: How to revive dehydrated hydrangeas, what is loam in compost, control black spot on roses naturally, troubleshoot runner bean failures, and fix brassicas with no center.
  • July: Watering schedule for dahlias and sweet peas, treating powdery mildew, taking cuttings from leggy pinks, understanding why vegetable plants have all leaves and no fruit, and managing non-fruiting stems on summer-fruiting raspberries.

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