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Gardening Q&A with Our Experts: Get Answers to Your Plant Problems

by Donna
2 minutes read

Gardening Q&A with Our Experts

Monthly Q&A

What’s this all about?

Our gardening experts are here to answer your questions every month! Send us your questions, and they’ll pick the best ones to answer in a video.

How to ask a question:

As a Premium member, you can submit your gardening questions to our experts each month. They’ll choose the best questions to answer and share their advice.

Watch the answers now:

  • Kay’s answers to your December 2023 questions:
    • When should blueberries be pruned?
    • How and when do I split dahlia tubers?
  • Answers to your November 2023 questions:
    • How do I stop squirrels and foxes from digging up my pots and garden?
    • What can I do about brown edges on my photinia hedge?
  • Answers to your October 2023 questions:
    • How should I deal with fuchsia rust?
    • How can I avoid shield bugs infesting my raspberries?
  • Answers to your September 2023 questions:
    • Why haven’t my dahlia flower buds opened?
    • How do I encourage my morning glory to flower?

Long-tail keywords:

  • How to prune blueberries in December
  • Best time to split dahlia tubers
  • How to avoid red spider mite infestation in my greenhouse
  • Why aren’t my beetroot and radishes developing properly?
  • Can I reuse old compost in my containers?
  • How to treat fuchsia gall mite
  • Why has my wisteria died but is sprouting from the base?
  • What is the best way to control black spot on my roses without spraying?
  • How to tell if raspberries are summer or autumn-fruiting

Additional resources:

  • Watch the answers to questions from previous months.
  • Learn about seasonal gardening tasks.
  • Get tips for container gardening.
  • Get help with greenhouse gardening.

Need more help?

If you can’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact our experts. They’re always happy to help!

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