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How to Lay Wildflower Turf and Create a Beautiful Meadow: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Gregory
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How to Lay Wildflower Turf

What is Wildflower Turf?

Wildflower turf is an easy way to create a beautiful meadow in your yard. It’s made up of a variety of native wildflowers that attract pollinators and other wildlife.

Benefits of Wildflower Turf

  • Attracts pollinators and other wildlife
  • Creates a beautiful meadow
  • Easy to establish and maintain
  • Can be used in small spaces

How to Lay Wildflower Turf


  • Tape measure
  • Garden spade
  • Wildflower turf
  • Garden rake
  • Sharp knife


  1. Measure the area you want to transform.
  2. Use a spade to remove the grass and top layer of soil.
  3. Cut the grass into strips and roll them up for easy removal.
  4. Prepare the soil with a rake, making sure it’s level and free of large stones.
  5. Consolidate the surface by walking up and down, taking small, heavy steps.
  6. Lay the turf on the soil, staggering the joints like brickwork.
  7. Use a knife to cut off any excess turf.
  8. Water the turf well.

How to Maintain a Wildflower Meadow

  • Choose a location with poor soil, as wildflowers thrive in these conditions.
  • Don’t fertilize your meadow, as this will encourage the growth of grasses and reduce biodiversity.
  • Suppress grasses by introducing yellow rattle, a parasitic plant that weakens grasses.
  • Mow your meadow in autumn, after the flowers have gone over. Remove all cuttings to keep soil fertility low.
  • Sow new wildflower species in autumn to introduce new flowering plants.

Tips for Success

  • Water your turf regularly, especially during dry spells.
  • Keep the soil fertility low to prevent grasses from taking over.
  • Control grasses by introducing yellow rattle or mowing regularly.
  • Allow the flowers to self-seed to ensure a continuous bloom.

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