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January Pruning Guide: Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

by Donna
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January Pruning Guide: Get Your Garden Ready for Spring


Winter is a great time to prune your plants and get them ready for the growing season. Pruning removes dead or overgrown branches, encourages new growth, and helps plants produce more flowers and fruit.

Plants to Prune in January

  • Evergreens: Box, yew, and holly
  • Fruit trees: Apples, crab apples, and pears
  • Late-flowering clematis
  • Grapevines

Avoid Pruning

  • Magnolias
  • Cherries and plums
  • Phygelius and penstemons
  • Early-flowering clematis

Step-by-Step: Pruning Dogwoods for Stem Color

Dogwoods are known for their vibrant stems, which look especially beautiful in winter when the leaves have fallen. Here’s how to prune dogwoods:

  1. Plan your pruning: Decide how tall you want the shrub to be.
  2. Make clean cuts: Use sharp loppers or secateurs to remove branches.
  3. Remove whippy shoots: Cut off any thin, weak stems.

Also Prune This Way

You can use the same hard-pruning technique on other plants, such as:

  • Willow
  • Hazel
  • Elder
  • Buddleia

Choose a Pruning Height

The pruning height depends on the location of the dogwood:

  • Back of the border: Prune less drastically to avoid hiding new growth.
  • Mid-border or front of the border: Prune down to about 15 cm from the ground.

By following these tips, you can give your plants a head start in the spring and enjoy a beautiful, thriving garden all year long!

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