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May Seed Sowing: A Comprehensive Guide to Starting Your Garden

by Donna
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May Seed Sowing: A Guide to Starting Your Garden

Spring is in full swing, and it’s time to start thinking about sowing seeds for your summer and fall harvest. May is a great month to sow a variety of vegetables and flowers, including kale, leeks, winter greens, sunflowers, larkspur, sweetcorn, and borage.

Vegetables to Sow in May

Kale, Leeks, and Winter Greens:

These hardy vegetables can be sown in May and will reach just the right size for harvesting next winter. Kale is a leafy green that is packed with nutrients, while leeks are a milder-flavored onion that can be used in a variety of dishes. Winter greens, such as collard greens and spinach, are also great choices for fall and winter harvests.


Sunflowers are a classic summer flower that is easy to grow from seed. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, from towering giants to smaller, multiheaded varieties. Sunflowers are also a great source of pollen for bees and other pollinators.


Sweetcorn is a delicious and versatile vegetable that can be enjoyed fresh, canned, or frozen. It’s important to plant sweetcorn in blocks to ensure good pollination.


Borage is a beautiful and beneficial flower that attracts pollinators and adds a touch of cucumber flavor to salads, drinks, and desserts. It’s also a great source of antioxidants.

Flowers to Sow in May


Larkspur is a delicate and graceful flower that comes in a variety of colors. It’s a great choice for cutting gardens and bouquets.

Tips for May Seed Sowing

  • Choose the right varieties: Not all vegetables and flowers are suited to May seed sowing. Do your research to choose varieties that will thrive in your climate and growing conditions.
  • Prepare your soil: Before you sow seeds, make sure your soil is well-drained and has plenty of organic matter. This will help your seeds germinate and grow strong.
  • Sow seeds at the right depth: The depth at which you sow seeds will vary depending on the type of seed. Be sure to follow the instructions on the seed packet.
  • Water regularly: Keep your seeds moist, but not soggy. Water them gently and regularly, especially during hot and dry weather.
  • Thin seedlings: Once your seedlings have emerged, you’ll need to thin them out to give them room to grow. Remove the weaker seedlings, leaving the strongest ones behind.
  • Be patient: It takes time for seeds to germinate and grow into strong plants. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. Just keep watering and caring for your plants, and they will eventually reward you with a bountiful harvest.

May Seed Sowing Inspiration

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas for plants to sow in May:

  • Vegetables: Kale, leeks, winter greens, sweetcorn, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins
  • Flowers: Sunflowers, larkspur, zinnias, marigolds, cosmos, poppies, daisies

With a little planning and care, you can have a beautiful and productive garden all summer long. So get out there and start sowing those seeds!

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