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November Garden: Plants That Shine in the Fall and Winter

by Gregory
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November Garden: Plants That Shine in the Fall


As the days get shorter and the air turns crisp, it’s time to start thinking about adding some color and interest to your garden for the fall season. Here are some of our favorite plants that are looking their best in November.

Shrubs with Autumn Foliage

  • Eriocephalus africanus (Kapok bush): This unusual and lovely shrub produces fluffy white seed heads and has silvery, aromatic foliage.
  • Liriope muscari: This evergreen perennial has strappy leaves and purple flowers that bloom in the fall.
  • Hylotelephium spectabile (Sedum): Sedums are known for their long-lasting flowers that add color to borders in the fall.
  • Cynara cardunculus (Artichoke thistle): This architectural plant produces thistle-like flowers that make a statement in autumn borders.

Grasses for Autumn

  • Panicum virgatum ‘Heavy Metal’: This well-behaved grass forms clumps and has beautiful seed heads that turn a honey color in the fall.
  • Calamagrostis brachytricha (Korean feather reed grass): This graceful grass has light, feathery, purple-tinged flowers that billow in the autumn winds.

Berry Bushes for Autumn

  • Callicarpa bodinieri `Profusion’ (Beauty berry): This deciduous shrub bears clusters of shiny, bright-purple berries in the fall and winter.

Trees with Attractive Bark

  • Prunus serrula (Tibetan cherry): This multi-stemmed ornamental cherry has peeling bark that glows shades of copper, scarlet, and crimson in the winter sun.

Plants for Pots in November

  • Cyclamen hederifolium (Ivy-leaved cyclamen): This hardy plant has beautiful silver-lined, dark green leaves and delicate, long-lasting flowers.

How to Add Color to the Garden in November

  • Plant shrubs with colorful foliage, such as the kapok bush, liriope muscari, or artichoke thistle.
  • Add grasses to your garden, such as ‘Heavy Metal’ panicum or Korean feather reed grass, for their beautiful seed heads and autumn colors.
  • Plant berry bushes, such as the beauty berry, to add a splash of color to your garden in the fall and winter.
  • Choose trees with attractive bark, such as the Tibetan cherry, to add interest to your garden even in the winter months.
  • Plant cyclamen in pots to add a touch of color and interest to your balcony or patio.


With these plants, you can add color and interest to your garden all season long. So get planting and enjoy the beauty of nature in the fall!

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