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Spring Border Maintenance: Six Essential Tasks for Summer Blooms

by Donna
3 minutes read

Six Essential Spring Tasks for Vibrant Summer Borders

As spring awakens nature, it’s the perfect time to give your garden borders some TLC to ensure they flourish throughout the summer. Here are six key tasks to tackle:

1. Feed Your Plants

As plants enter their growth spurt, they need a nutrient boost. Feed them with a balanced organic fertilizer, such as fish, blood, and bonemeal, to promote healthy growth and abundant blooms.

2. Deadhead Spent Blooms

Spring-flowering plants like bergenias and hellebores benefit from deadheading, which redirects energy into leaf growth and strengthens the plants. However, if you want hellebores to self-seed, leave their seedheads intact.

3. Stake Tall Plants

Tall and large-flowered plants, such as peonies and delphiniums, may need staking to prevent them from drooping or falling over. Use grids or bent metal supports to provide gentle support.

4. Tie In Climbers

As climbers develop new growth, train them onto their support structures using twine or wire. Tie them in evenly to ensure optimal coverage and encourage prolific flowering.

5. Hoe and Weed

As you work in your borders, hoe the soil to loosen it, especially in areas where you’ve compacted it. This aeration promotes root growth and prevents weeds from taking hold.

6. Mulch for Moisture and Fertility

Apply a layer of mulch between plants to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and enhance soil fertility. Organic materials like bark chips or compost work well and also add a decorative touch to your borders.

Additional Tips for Spring Border Maintenance

  • Water Wisely: Keep newly planted plants well-watered, especially during dry spells in summer. Consider setting up a leaky-hose irrigation system for hassle-free watering.
  • Plant Recommendations: Add some vibrant blooms to your borders with plants like magenta cranesbills (Geranium ‘Ann Folkard’), white astrantias (‘Shaggy’), Warsaw Nike clematis, Siberian irises, and acid-yellow Euphorbia x martini.


By following these six essential tasks, you can prepare your garden borders for a season of stunning beauty and abundance. Remember to pay attention to your plants’ specific needs and adjust your maintenance routine accordingly. Enjoy the fruits of your labor as your borders burst into vibrant life this summer.

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