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Thrifty Gardening Tips: 20 Ways to Save Money in Your Garden

by Gregory
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Thrifty Gardening Tips to Save Money

Saving on Plants

  • Buy bare-root plants: These are cheaper than pot-grown plants and just need a little extra care when planting.
  • Split perennials: You can divide many perennials to get more plants for free.
  • Cut potatoes in half before planting: This will double your crop.
  • Join your local gardening group: You can swap seeds and plants with other members.
  • Shop online for garden supplies: You can often find good deals on plants and seeds online.
  • Buy plants from the reduced section: Stores often sell plants that are past their best at a discount.

Saving on Other Gardening Supplies

  • Reuse plastic plant labels: Wash them and use a pencil to mark them so you can reuse them next year.
  • Join recycling networks: You can find free gardening equipment on websites like Freecycle and Freegle.
  • Find out if your council offers discounted products: Some councils offer discounts on compost bins and water butts.
  • Use old net curtains as netting: They make a great barrier to protect your plants from pests.
  • Use toilet rolls as plant pots: They’re biodegradable and make transplanting easy.
  • Use old plastic bottles to make plant labels: Cut them into label-sized pieces and write on them with a pencil.
  • Use old plastic bottles to make cloches: They create a warm micro-climate for young plants.

Other Thrifty Tips

  • Swap seeds and plants with neighbors: You can save a lot of money by sharing with others.
  • Make a cold frame using a window: This is a cheap way to extend your growing season.
  • Pick up old plant pots from garden centers: They’re often willing to give away used pots.
  • Use tin cans to make cane toppers: This will protect you from injury when gardening.
  • Reuse old pallets to make garden furniture: You can create planters, raised beds, and more.
  • Don’t impulse buy: Plan ahead and only buy what you need.
  • Look after your tools: Clean and maintain your tools to prolong their life.

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