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40+ Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners of All Levels (2023 Guide)

by Gregory
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Ultimate Guide to Christmas Gifts for Gardeners


‘Tis the season to spread joy to the green-fingered loved ones in your life! From eco-friendly gifts to personalized treasures, this guide has everything you need to find the perfect present for any gardener. Dive in and discover thoughtful and unique gifts that will delight and inspire.

Unusual Gardening Gifts:

  • Fallen Fruits Hedgehog Boot Brush: A charming and practical gift for buffing up garden boots.
  • Rusty Slug Family: Quirky metal slugs that add a touch of whimsy to any garden.
  • Handmade Bee Hotel: Encourage pollination and attract bees with this adorable and sustainable gift.

Luxury Gardening Gifts:

  • William Morris At Home Lily Gardening Gloves Set: Pamper gardeners with these elegant gloves and hand cream.
  • Bramley Gardener’s Greenhouse Beauty Set: A luxurious gift basket filled with relaxation essentials for the garden.
  • Waxed Canvas Gardening Bag: A stylish and durable bag for carrying gardening tools in style.
  • Gardeners’ Leather Sketchbook: A handcrafted notebook for recording gardening notes and sketches.

Christmas Plant Gifts:

  • Seedbom Birds, Bees, and Butterflies Set: Pollinator-friendly seed bombs to create a vibrant garden.
  • Gin Garden Gift Set: Elevate gin and tonics with homegrown herbs from this unique gift set.
  • Grow Your Own Curry Set: Spice up curries with this easy-to-grow seed kit.
  • Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit: Fungi enthusiasts will love this kit for growing delicious oyster mushrooms.

Personalized Gardening Gifts:

  • Personalised Denim Apron: A durable denim apron customized with a name or message.
  • Haws Brass Mist Sprayer Pot: A stylish and practical mister that can be engraved for a personal touch.
  • Personalised Herb Pot: Durable and elegant pots perfect for growing herbs in a variety of spaces.

Small Gardening Gifts:

  • Sprout Pencils: Remarkable pencils that grow into plants, adding a touch of greenery to any desk.
  • Happy Socks Gift Box: Garden-themed socks to brighten up gardening tasks or everyday wear.

Gardening Experience Gifts:

  • Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew: Immerse yourself in over 250 years of botanical wonders.
  • The Raymond Blanc Gardening School with Lunch: Enjoy a day of expert gardening instruction and a delicious lunch.
  • RHS Individual Membership: Grant access to five RHS gardens, exclusive events, and more.

Last-Minute Gardening Gifts:

  • Premium Subscription to Gardeners’ World: Guide gardeners through the year with expert advice and inspiration.
  • Next Day Flowers from Arena Flowers: Support ethical floristry and brighten homes with beautiful bouquets.
  • Dried Flowers from Bloom & Wild: Long-lasting floral arrangements with minimal environmental impact.

Gardening Tool Gifts:

  • Kent and Stowe Capability Trowel: A versatile trowel with a sharpened edge, depth gauge, and hammer end.
  • Darlac Compound Action Pruner: Effortless pruning with comfortable and lightweight secateurs.
  • Kent and Stowe Stainless Steel Digging Spade: A beautiful and durable spade for efficient digging tasks.
  • Fiskars Xact Hand Weeder: A powerful and easy-to-use tool for weed removal.

Indoor Gardening Gifts:

  • Click and Grow Indoor Herb Garden: Enjoy fresh herbs year-round with this self-watering indoor garden.
  • Akerbar Glass Terrarium: Create a miniature greenhouse with this stylish and functional terrarium.

Gardening Gifts for Kids:

  • Our World in Pictures: Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds: Educate and inspire kids about the wonders of plants.
  • The Den Kit: Encourage outdoor adventures and imaginative play with this fun den-building kit.
  • Spear and Jackson Gardening Set: Introduce kids to real gardening with sturdy and child-friendly tools.
  • Robert Dyas Kids’ Wheelbarrow: A scaled-down wheelbarrow for helping kids with gardening tasks.

Budget Gardening Gifts:

  • Ginkgo Leaf Plant Markers: Handmade plant markers that blend seamlessly into any garden.
  • BBC Gardeners’ World Spring Fair Tickets: Attend a vibrant gardening event with expert advice and inspiration.
  • Acorn Lidded Mug: A charming ceramic mug perfect for keeping drinks warm while gardening.
  • Mushroom Calendar: Track appointments and events with this beautifully illustrated mushroom-themed calendar.
  • Tree Vision Know Your Trees Flashcards: Help kids and adults learn about different tree species.
  • Veg Garden Tea Towel: A practical and inspiring gift for vegetable gardeners.

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