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Protect Your Carrots from Carrot Fly: 10 Easy and Effective Ways

by Gregory
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How to Protect Your Carrots from Carrot Fly

Carrot fly is a common pest that can ruin your carrot harvest. But don’t worry, there are many ways to keep them away and protect your carrots.

Choose Resistant Varieties

Start by choosing carrot varieties that are resistant to carrot fly. Some good options include ‘Flyaway’, ‘Ibiza’, and ‘Resistafly’. These varieties aren’t completely immune, but they are less likely to be attacked.

Avoid Thinning Carrots

Thinning carrots releases their scent, which attracts carrot fly. Instead, sow your carrots thinly so you don’t need to thin them out later.

Create Physical Barriers

Physical barriers can keep carrot fly away from your carrots. You can cover your carrot crop with horticultural fleece or grow them in raised beds surrounded by a barrier of polythene or netting.

Companion Planting

Planting carrots with certain companion plants can help mask their scent and deter carrot fly. Good companion plants for carrots include alliums (such as chives and garlic), marigolds, and nasturtiums.

Avoid Long Rows

Don’t plant your carrots in long rows. This makes it easier for carrot fly to find and attack your carrots. Instead, plant them in shorter rows or among other vegetables.

Sow Carrots Later

By changing the timing of your sowings, you can avoid the main flying season of carrot fly. Sow carrots from June onwards to reduce the risk of attack.

Practice Crop Rotation

Carrot fly overwinters in the soil. By practicing good crop rotation, you can prevent them from infesting your carrots year after year. Don’t grow carrots in the same spot two years in a row.

Avoid Growing Parsnips and Celery

Parsnips, celery, parsley, and celeriac also attract carrot fly. Avoid growing these crops near your carrots.

Be Nice to Moles

Moles eat carrot fly and other soil-dwelling pests. By being more tolerant of moles, you can naturally reduce the number of carrot flies in your garden.

Caring for Your Carrots

Carrots don’t require a lot of care. Keep the soil around them weed-free and water them sparingly.

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