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Wildlife Gardening in October: Creating a Haven for Birds, Insects, and Other Creatures

by Gregory
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Wildlife Gardening in October

Creating a Haven for Wildlife

As autumn arrives in October, it’s time to think about creating a welcoming haven for wildlife in your garden. Many insects and birds are preparing to hibernate or migrate, and they need your help.

Food Sources

One of the most important things you can do is provide food sources for wildlife. Berries and seeds are a great source of energy for birds, so leave them on your plants or scatter them on the ground. You can also plant spindle trees, which produce bright orange fruits that are loved by blackbirds and robins.

Teasel is another great plant for wildlife. It provides nectar and pollen for insects in summer, and its seedheads provide nutritious seeds in autumn and winter. Goldfinches love to feed on teasel seedheads, so leave them standing until spring.


In addition to food, wildlife also needs shelter to protect them from the elements and predators. Autumn leaves can provide a cozy hibernaculum for hedgehogs, amphibians, and insects. Simply rake up fallen leaves and pile them in a corner of your garden.

Tufts of long grass can hide caterpillars, and anything in your garden from crispy leaves to broken stems can provide shelter for hibernating insects like ladybirds.

Other Helpful Tips

  • Leave seedheads and fruits on plants as a natural food source.
  • Provide shelter for wildlife by leaving piles of leaves and long grass in your garden.
  • Avoid using pesticides and herbicides, which can harm wildlife.
  • Create a water source for wildlife, such as a birdbath or pond.

By following these tips, you can create a wildlife-friendly garden that will be enjoyed by all creatures, big and small.

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