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Adam Frost’s 2024 Gardening Resolutions: Creating a Wildlife-Friendly Outdoor Oasis

by Donna
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Adam Frost’s 2024 Gardening Resolutions

Garden Makeover Plans

Adam Frost, a well-known gardener, has shared his plans for improving his garden in 2024. He wants to create a more enjoyable and wildlife-friendly space.

  • Improving Views: Adam wants to enhance the views from his kitchen window by adding a raised pool near the steps. He also plans to plant a mixed bed in the front garden, similar to one he already has.

  • Revitalizing Medlar Trees: Adam has two overgrown medlar trees that he intends to rejuvenate. He will lift their canopies to improve their appearance and create space for under-planting.

  • New Potting Shed: Adam plans to build a new potting shed in the front garden, similar to the one he designed for the BBC Gardeners’ World Live show. It will have a green roof to add diversity.

Wildlife-Friendly Enhancements

Adam is passionate about providing a habitat for wildlife. One of his resolutions is to add a sparrow terrace to attract more feathered friends. He will also plant shrubs to create layers and provide cover for wildlife.

Growing and Cooking

Adam plans to experiment with growing new varieties of fruit and vegetables in his garden. He wants to reduce the quantity but increase the diversity of his crops.

He also intends to grow more herbs for cooking, both in the garden and in pots. Herbs are a versatile group of plants that require minimal space and can greatly enhance meals.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Adam recognizes the importance of taking time to relax and enjoy his garden. He plans to cook more meals outdoors and spend more quality time with friends and family in the garden.


Adam Frost’s gardening resolutions for 2024 focus on creating a beautiful, wildlife-friendly, and enjoyable outdoor space. By making these changes, he aims to enhance the overall experience of his garden.

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