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October Seed Sowing: A Guide to Flowers, Vegetables, and More

by Gregory
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October Seed Sowing Guide

Flowers to Sow in October

  • Primroses: These spring-flowering beauties need a cold period to germinate, so October is a great time to start them. Sow seeds thinly on peat-free compost in a cold frame.
  • Phacelia: This bee-friendly annual can still be grown as a green manure if you start early this month. Sow directly in well-prepared soil and dig in before it flowers and sets seed.
  • Violas: Sow violas this month for colorful blooms next spring. You can also propagate perennial violas by division in autumn.

Vegetables to Sow in October

  • Broad beans: Sow hardy broad beans towards the end of the month for earlier crops next year. Choose varieties like ‘Aquadulce Claudia’ for autumn sowing.
  • Cauliflowers: Start early summer cauliflowers under glass before hardening off in spring. Sow seeds in pots in a cold frame and transplant into the garden when seedlings are large enough.
  • Other vegetables to sow in October: Peas, onions, corn salad, winter purslane, winter lettuce

Other Gardening Tips for October

  • Mulching: Cover beds and borders with organic matter like compost or leaf mold to retain heat and moisture over winter.
  • Elephant garlic: Plant elephant garlic in October to give it a longer growing season. Place cloves pointy end up in well-prepared soil.
  • Windowsill herbs: Sow basil, coriander, and other herbs indoors on a sunny windowsill for tasty microgreens.
  • Indoor herbs: Bring mint and chives indoors this month for year-round harvesting. Place them on a south-facing windowsill.

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