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March Gardening in the Southeast: Your Ultimate Guide to a Thriving Spring Garden

by Gregory
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March Gardening in the Southeast: A Comprehensive Guide


Spring is finally here, and for gardeners in the Southeast, March is one of the busiest and most exciting months of the year. It’s time to get your hands in the dirt and start planting those beautiful flowers, herbs, and vegetables you’ve been dreaming about all winter.

March Gardening Tasks

Here’s a list of essential gardening tasks to keep you busy in March:

  • Planting Fruit Trees: It’s the perfect time to plant berry shrubs, apple trees, peach trees, and other fruit trees. If you’re planting fig bushes, March is also a great month to get them in the ground.

  • Starting Seeds: If you live in an area that still experiences cold nights and a chance of snow, start seeds indoors for warm season crops like melons, tomatoes, and peppers.

  • Preparing the Garden: Get your garden ready for planting by taking a soil test and adding amendments as recommended. Till the soil and remove weeds, working in well-finished compost or manure to enrich it.

  • Creating Rows and Raised Beds: Make rows, hills, and furrows in your garden beds. Till the soil about 12 inches deep and work in compost about 6 inches deep. You can also add raised beds to increase your planting space.

Other Southeast Garden Chores for March

In addition to the tasks listed above, here are some other important chores to consider in March:

  • Dividing and Pruning Shrubs: Divide and prune winter-blooming shrubs after they finish flowering. You can also divide some spring-flowering shrubs before their flowers or leaves appear.

  • Cleaning Up and Pruning Camellias: Clean up and prune camellias after they finish blooming to avoid removing the flowers.

  • Planting Cool Season Crops: Plant a second planting of any cool season crops you’re growing, such as turnips, carrots, and leafy greens.

  • Applying Pre-Emergent Herbicide: Apply pre-emergent herbicide to your lawns to control weeds before they germinate.

Tips for a Beautiful and Productive March Garden

  • Keep up with these gardening tasks throughout the month to ensure a beautiful and productive garden.
  • Get involved in your garden and enjoy the process of watching your plants grow and thrive.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice from other gardeners or local nurseries.
  • With a little effort and planning, you can have a stunning garden that will bring you joy and satisfaction all season long.

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