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May Gardening: Discover the Best Plants, Flowers, and Tips for a Thriving Spring Garden

by Gregory
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May Gardening: Discover Plants That Shine

Perennials for May

May is the perfect time to add some beautiful perennials to your garden. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Mathiasella bupleuroides ‘Green Dream’: This elegant perennial has unusual lime bracts and pinky/purple stems.
  • Leucanthemum vulgare: Also known as ox-eye daisy, this native wildflower is beneficial for wildlife.
  • Deutzia: These hardy shrubs have masses of white or pink flowers from May to July.

Annuals for May

For a splash of color in your May garden, try these annuals:

  • Lupin ‘Towering Inferno’: These tall, stately plants have showy flower spikes in a blaze of glory.
  • Geranium ‘Mrs Kendall Clark’: This vigorous geranium has exquisite flowers with intricate veins on the petals.
  • Chive blossoms: These edible flowers are a favorite of insects and add a touch of flavor to your cooking.

Shrubs for May

Add some structure and fragrance to your garden with these shrubs:

  • Magnolia x soulangeana: This classic magnolia has voluptuous pink flowers.
  • Rose ‘Emily Bronte’: This repeat-flowering shrub rose has strongly scented flowers.
  • Laburnum: These fast-growing trees have stunning yellow blooms, but be aware that they are toxic.

Bulbs for May

May is the peak month for tulips. These eclectic spring bulbs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including the flamboyant parrot-flowered varieties.

Gardening Tips for May

  • Keep tulips well watered while in bloom to prolong flowering.
  • Protect perennials from winter wet and cold by providing a little extra care.
  • Choose easy-to-grow plants with great rewards, such as deutzia.
  • Plant lupins in sunny balcony gardens for a touch of elegance.
  • Grow hardy geraniums in sun or shade for a reliable source of flowers.
  • Use edible flowers like chive blossoms liberally in your cooking for their wonderful flavor.
  • Select non-toxic laburnum cultivars for small gardens.
  • Plant parrot-flowered tulips for a real flamboyant show!

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