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Chiff Chaffs: A Delightful Migrant Visitor to Your Garden

by Donna
2 minutes read

Chiff Chaffs: A Delightful Migrant


Have you ever noticed a small, brown bird with a cheerful song? That’s likely a chiff chaff, a migratory bird that visits the UK in the spring and summer.

Identifying Chiff Chaffs

  • Small, brown bird
  • Distinctive “chiff chaff, chiff chaff” song
  • “Hweet, hweet” contact call

Migration and Habitat

  • Summer migrants from the Mediterranean and West Africa
  • Found in woodlands, scrub, parks, and gardens
  • Overwintering populations increasing in the UK due to milder winters

Nesting and Diet

  • Nest on or near the ground in dense vegetation
  • Lay up to six eggs in May or June
  • Chicks hatch after two weeks and fledge two weeks later
  • Feed on insects, including aphids, flies, and caterpillars

Attracting Chiff Chaffs to Your Garden

  • Chiff chaffs may visit gardens in spring and autumn as “passage migrants”
  • Provide a large garden with a wild patch for nesting
  • Allow areas to become overgrown
  • Leave aphids and other insects on plants for food

Benefits of Chiff Chaffs

  • Control aphids and other pests in your garden
  • Add a touch of wildlife to your outdoor space
  • Bring joy with their cheerful song


Chiff chaffs are small but delightful birds that can bring both beauty and benefits to your garden. By understanding their habits and providing them with a suitable habitat, you can help these charming migrants thrive.

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