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Common Frogs: How to Attract and Support Them in Your Garden

by Donna
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Wildlife Watch: Common Frogs


Frogs are fascinating creatures that can often be found in our gardens, especially if there is water nearby. One common species is the common frog (Rana temporaria), which is known for its long, stripey legs and large eyes.


Common frogs breed in the spring, laying their eggs in shallow, warm water. The eggs hatch into tadpoles, which eventually transform into froglets. The rate of development depends on factors like temperature and food availability.


Frogs prefer ponds with shallow margins that get morning sun in the spring and are partially shaded in the summer. They also need plenty of plants for shelter and hiding places. Beyond the pond, frogs appreciate damp areas like compost heaps, log piles, and stone cairns.


Frogs play an important role in the ecosystem by eating insects and other pests. They are also indicators of environmental health, as their populations can be affected by changes in climate and habitat.


Common frogs are facing declines due to changing weather patterns and habitat loss. Warmer winters, colder springs, and drier summers can disrupt their breeding behavior. Drying ponds can also prevent tadpoles from completing their lifecycle.

How to Help Frogs

You can help frogs by creating a frog-friendly pond in your garden. Keep the pond topped up in summer and provide plenty of shallow areas for spawning. Grow plants around the edge for hiding places and include a variety of floating, emergent, and submerged plants for tadpoles to hide from predators.

Beyond the pond, create damp areas with compost heaps, log piles, or stone cairns for shelter and food. Avoid using pesticides and let areas of grass grow long to attract insects for frogs to eat.

By providing a suitable habitat and reducing threats, we can help common frogs thrive in our gardens and contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

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