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Wildlife in Your Garden in November: How to Help and What to Look For

by Gregory
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Wildlife in Your Garden in November

Wildlife in Action

As November’s cold and misty days set in, wildlife in your garden is either battling the darkness or emerging from hibernation to find food.

Keep Bird Feeders Full

Many small birds need extra help staying warm in November. Keep their feeders stocked with sunflower hearts, peanuts, and suet products.

Foraging Foxes

Foxes are active at night, foraging for food. If you want to help them out, leave a raw egg in its shell in your yard.

Tits and Finches on the Hunt

Tits and finches are gathering in groups to search for food. Look for them in trees with seeds, like silver birch and alder.

Breeding Field Mice

Field mice continue to breed in mild winters. Watch for them under bird feeders or in long grasses.

Waxwings in Your Garden

Waxwings, known for their striking appearance, may visit your garden in search of berries. Check plants like cotoneaster and rowan for these beautiful birds.

Listen for Starlings

Starlings form large groups and “murmurate” at dawn and dusk. Listen for their calls from rooftops and observe their impressive aerial displays.

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